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新编实用英语综合教程 新编实用英语综合教程 2 实用英语 unit 1 课后*题答案
P4P4-1 ①What are you doing tonight② i was wondering ③i wish i could ④write a term paper ⑤ some other time then ⑥ That's right P4P4-2 1)are you doing anything special tommorrow evening ? 2) i would like invite you to come to my birthday party . would you like to join us ? :3) Good , will you come at 7:00 ? 4) Lemonade if you must bring sth . P4P4-3 1) what are you going to do this weekend ? 2) Thunderstorm is on this weekend . 3) the early or the late show 4) Maybe go to KFC (kentucky Fried Chicken ) or a Coffee Shop . 5) i 'd rather go to KFC 6) when and where shall we meet ? P5P5-1 ①tomorrow P6P6-2 ②ball game ③skiing ④for a long time ⑤very warm ⑥agree

① No , she doen't ②going to the ball game and skiing ③She heard it on the radio ④ No , he doesn't ⑤ He will give claire a call P6P6-3 ① the time and place ②fine ③formal written ④ in writing ⑤ at the bottom ⑥ attend ⑦ in person or by phone ⑧ comfortable P7P7-4 1) d P8P8-1 1) You should not fell committed until you know what the invitation 2) it is : apology , reason for refusal , thanks for the invitation . 3) it means each pays one's own check when eating in a restaurant . 4) the word "sometime ". P9P9-2 1) instances host 5) P9P9-3 ① invent an excuse later ② present problems ③ explicit④ specific time mentioned ⑤ Yes , that would be nice . P9P9-4 1) instance appropriate 7) explicit P9P9-5 !) For convenience , the photo will be shown in time sequence. 2) You are required to stop your car after an accident . 2) present 3) hostess 5)invent 6) entertain 8) identify 4. 2) informal 3)entertain casual 6)suggestion 4) 2) C 3) a 4) b

3) The conceptions and practices of child education vary from culture to culture . 4) He is more of a poet than a musician . 5) my father has kindly offered to take us to the airport . 6) We really should meet sometime soon to discuss the details . P10P10-6 1) He didn't have a girl friend until he was thirty . Don't leave until i tell you to . 2) The truth turned out to be stranger than we had expected . it turns out that she had known him when they were children . 3) i 'm sorry , i'm not in a position to help you right now .

i 'm sure they would like to help her out financially but they are not in a position to do so . 4) In many instances it is the teacher who talks , but in some instances the students talk. In may instances it is the husband who pays , but in some instances the wife pays her own bill . 5) He is more of a director than a producer . He is more of a composer than a singer . 6) There ar also houses that seem warm but in fact are not . There are also music pieces that sound like light music but in fact are not . P12P12-7 1T P12P12-9 1. 似乎很长时间没收到你的来信了,从你到工作室算起,现在就更久了。 2T 3T 4F 5F 6T

2. 所以我马上写信,好让你离开上海之前肯定能收到这封信,希望你们俩在英 格兰逗留期间能和我们一起住几天。 3. 我们还有两个朋友和我们一起度过新年的周末,所以,到时你也能来的话就 太好了。 4. 而且如果我们遇上好天气的话,我们可以找一天一起出去拜访卡特一家。 5.玛丽很好,而且喜欢她的教学工作(至少我这样认为),孩子们长得飞快,我 还在桑德森公司工作,而且工作很称心,虽然偶尔我也会渴望从前自由自在的日 子 P13P13- sample 1 很高兴能邀请你参加我们的年会。 今年会议将于 7 月 24 日到 28 日在布莱顿市的 Metropole 宾馆举行。 随信寄出会议的详尽日程,食宿安排和活动计划。 去年您给我们做了题为“高科技采购”的颇为生动的发言。 如果您能考虑就此问 题给我们做最新发展报告,我们将不胜感激。 如能尽快确认您将出席会议,不胜感激。 P13P13-sample 2 鉴于你 5 月 25 日来信,我很高兴地告诉你我将出席今年 7 月的会议。 如果你能寄来更为详细的会议日程,我将非常感激。 遗憾的是,我不能对去年的发言作最新补充,工作繁忙是我没有时间作准备。 无论如何,我期待再次参加会议。 P14-2 14很荣幸邀请你参加我们的年会。今年的会议将于 8 月 20 日在诺丁汉大学举行。 随心寄去会议的详细内容,住宿安排及业务活动计划。 去年您做了题为“学术标准及展望”的非常有趣的报告。 如果您这次能就此专题 的最新发展给我们做一发言,我们将非常感激。 如果您能在方便的时候尽快通知我们您能否出席此次会议,我们将不胜感激。 P14P14-3

1) confirm my participation in this year's conference in August . 2) you could send me further details about the programe .

3) i will not be able to give an update on last time's talk . 4) that pressure of work will not allow time to prepare a talk . 5) i look forward to attending the conference again . P15-4 P15I wish i could attend your graduation party . i know it will be lots of fun , unfortunately my parents have already invited several of our relatives over for a reunion . I wonder if you could come on Saturday evening so you can tell me all about the party . P15 -5 ① who he is ② it began ③ i had enjoyed ④ you will have time ⑤how old i was ⑥he would marry her ⑦ we should ⑧ i could 16P 16- 6 1) Jane told her not to worry about where might be her son . 2) She said she was going to the cinema . 3) she wanted to know what his job was . 4) i wondered if he really meant it . 5) He asked which chair he should take 6) He asked why i hadn't stopped the car . 7) He remarked what a lovely house it was 8) He said how beautiful the garden is . 9) He asks when they will leave . 10) i don't know where he is . P16P16-7

1. can you tell me where i can buy some chewing gum ? 2. The police wanted to know what she looked like . 3. Do you know what she was wearing ? 4. In the report , they asked how many security cameras in the bank . 5. The interviewer asked him how many years he had worked . 6. Do you want to know when he will leave for Shanghai ? 7. I want to know which color you prefer - red or yellow . P16P16-8 Sandra was writing a letter to decline Mary's invitation to her birthday party . She would love to come , but unfortunately , she was not able to . She had to decline Mary's invitation by saying , " Thank you for the invitation for your birthday party . We 'd love to come but i 'm afraid that Peter and i are going to Itlay on holiday on July 9th . We'll stay in Rome fro ten days and then go on to travel to England on July 20th so that we'll have a whole month there ,." Before closing the letter , Sandra asked Mary to give her best wishes to her famil